• Mommy Mundo Bazaar 2014
  • Comeback of 4J93 Halloween Party
  • Rustic Mornings
  • The Lack of Blogging Mojo
  • I turn a year older…
  • Stepping Out in the Rain
  • Say Hello to heyÜ Prize Grab Promo
  • Playing with Food: Oreo + Bento Mommas
  • Il Ponticello + SoMoms Nightout
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Mommy Mundo Bazaar 2014

 Do some early shopping at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar this weekend! Want a chance to win a shopping spree? Follow these steps… To countdown to this holiday offering of Mommy Mundo, we have a special treat for you! Join our “My Greatest Christmas Wish” contest. Here’s how to join!  1. Like the Mommy Mundo Facebook […]


Comeback of 4J93 Halloween Party

We used to have this party every year at one of our dear friend's house and when he passed away, we somehow couldn't plan a decent Halloween party anymore. But now, years later, we made an effort to … [READ MORE...]


Rustic Mornings

I love Sunday brunch. There's something so relaxing eating breakfast somewhere with the family. And if you live in Marikina, chances are Rustic Mornings by Isabelo is on your list of brunch … [READ MORE...]

The Lack of Blogging Mojo

It happens to many bloggers, I guess. Been silent for awhile because I have not been having issues with work related matters. And rather than rant online, I decided to keep quiet for awhile. Ten year … [READ MORE...]


I turn a year older…

A few minutes before I turn a year older I just want to put out to the Universe that I am thankful. I may have not received many of what I wished for but I definitely have more than enough to be … [READ MORE...]


Stepping Out in the Rain

My friends and family know I'm a shoe person. I usually dress down-up, I choose the shoes before the outfit. But sometimes it's hard to dress up during rainy season. Of course I wouldn't want my good … [READ MORE...]


Say Hello to heyÜ Prize Grab Promo

Keeping in touch with our loved ones has never been easier! Here's one app that's easy and fun to use, PLDT brings to you heyÜ, the Filipino family's virtual landline and all-in-one communication … [READ MORE...]

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Il Ponticello + SoMoms Nightout

When moms go on a night out… they really go on a night out! A couple of weeks ago, the SoMoms got together for a not-really-farewell dinner for Jenny of MyMommyology. She’s off to another adventure … [READ MORE...]