• Sweet Dreams with Elica
  • Savoring my Me Time with Pine Sol
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  • Mommy Notes: My Version of Hell Week
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  • Moving On
  • iflix is here!
  • Let the kids #PlayForReal
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Sweet Dreams with Elica

For my family, change of weather means cough, colds, flu, and eczema. Yes, those red, dry, itchy rashes on skin. The whole family gets  those, my husband getting the worse. But for us adults we deal with it easily unlike our little ones who end up scratching those rashes like crazy, even while they are […]


Savoring my Me Time with Pine Sol

Ahhh, some me time. My little kuya just left for football practice with hubby and the little one is still asleep. Finally found time to write this long overdue post on... what else... ME time. It's … [READ MORE...]


Mommy Notes: My Version of Hell Week

  Finally! Hell week is over! Parang feeling ko I was the one who took the exam. I was so anxious for my little kuya this week coz we had our first taste of quarterly exams. I was confident my … [READ MORE...]

Moving On

I finally took the plunge and gave my resignation letter to my boss a couple of weeks ago. It was bittersweet for me because the truth is, I love MOST of my co-workers. We're like brothers and … [READ MORE...]


iflix is here!

iflix is here! iflix, Southeast Asia's leading TV internet service is finally here in the Philippines to offer over 10,000 hours of quality content. Subscribe now and have access to TV series and … [READ MORE...]


Let the kids #PlayForReal

Last week me and my sons went to the Johnson's&Johnson's #PlayForReal playdate. The invitation said to bring extra clothes and towel... which meant there will be dirt. Uh-oh. My boys love to get … [READ MORE...]