• Building Childhood Memories: Doing the Chandelier
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  • 50 Shades of Tadhana
  • Building Childhood Memories: LRT Ride
  • Mommy Mundo’s 3rd Mompreneur Summit
  • Something Great in 2015!
  • DIY Costume: Ursula
  • Candy Corner Kingdom
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Building Childhood Memories: Doing the Chandelier

Performing is really in our blood. My mother loved dancing and I did ballet for more than a dozen years! I’m so happy that my kids seem to follow in my footsteps. They love to dance and even sing. I have to give the singing to their dad though. My kids have also discovered Youtube […]


50 Shades of Tadhana

Have you seen┬áThat Thing Called Tadhana? This movie's reputation started way before it's commercial release. It already had a following during the Cinema One Originals Film Festival. Now, word of … [READ MORE...]

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Something Great in 2015!

Saying time goes by so fast is such an understatement. Months ago I was complaining about the stress of the holidays and here it is again! And now it's almost over! 2014 has been crazy for me. … [READ MORE...]


DIY Costume: Ursula

It's so inspiring to read about moms who are sooooo good at DIY stuff, whether costumes for their kids or crafts for their parties. I'm no expert but I do try my best whenever I have to do … [READ MORE...]

candy corner

Candy Corner Kingdom

Here's something fun to do this weekend... The Candy Corner Kingdom will be lowering its drawbridge and opening its doors from December 12 to 14 2014, Friday to Sunday, from 10:00am to 10:00pm at … [READ MORE...]